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What can you learn from a Mouse?

When that mouse has been delighting hundreds of millions of people for decades, it turns out that there are some lessons that can be applied by any organization, as well as any individual within the organization. This video pulls back the curtain and reveals the core values Disney World expects each of their over sixty-thousand “cast members” to live every day, and how those principles can be implemented in your organization.

Look through the lens of your customers

Pay attention to the details because everything speaks

Create moments of wow

You’ll learn how to view your organization through the eyes and ears of your customers.

Every detail is saying something about your organization's brand.  Here you'll learn to identify the physical and "attitudinal" details that make a difference.

Here you will figure out the how behind the wow while learning how to create the little wows that add up to an outstanding customer experience.

This webinar will teach you how to:

Want to learn more about Dennis Snow?

During his 20-year career at Walt Disney World, Dennis launched a division of the Disney Institute responsible for consulting with some of the world’s largest companies including ExxonMobil, AT&T, General Motors and Coca Cola. This division quickly became the fastest growing venture of the Disney Institute and experienced repeat business of nearly 100%.

He also spent several years with the Disney University, teaching corporate philosophy and business practices to cast members and the leadership team. While there, he coordinated the Disney Traditions program, which is universally recognized as a benchmark in corporate training. In his last year with Walt Disney World, Dennis’ leadership performance was ranked in the top 3% of the company’s leadership team.

Today, Dennis is a full-time speaker, trainer and consultant who helps organizations achieve goals related to customer service, employee development and leadership. Some of his clients include American Express, Johns Hopkins Medicine, ExxonMobil, and Nationwide.

Dennis Snow, President

Snow & Associates, Inc.

Dennis Snow is trusted by the following companies:

We'll help you turn your customers in to lifelong fans.

Learn how to consistently deliver "world-class" customer service.

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